eBay Success Stories

He Went From Zero to $1,100.00 on eBay in LESS Than 4 Weeks!

"I got started selling on eBay in mid-December, and during my first month, made no sales (yes, I said NO sales)... and that was supposed to be the busiest time of year!

But then I started to implement some of the strategies my eBay mentor taught me, and within a couple of weeks, I'd ALREADY done almost $1,100.00 in gross sales!

Thank you so much! I am looking so forward to working with you in the next few months."

Dan Byrne

They Started with NO Internet Experience And Already Have TWO Successful eBay Stores...

... Now They Make $20,000 A MONTH In Sales!

"In a very short time, we went from having NO CLUE how to sell on eBay, to having the confidence to find the right products, hammer out the deals needed to offer them, market them in the best way, and most of all, close the sale...

... and within our first WEEK, we made over $1,000.00 in sales!

We are THRILLED with our progress! Before we finished the course we achieved the status of eBay PowerSellers and have opened a SECOND eBay store! We just keep growing and growing… our only limitation now is our own imagination!

And our experience working with our eBay mentor has been fantastic.

We know that we are receiving the very best advice and help from him, but also the expertise of the entire IMC Team. We look forward to each session -- it is FUN!"

Dan and Christine Millar
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He's Now Earning MAXIMUM Profits,
Without Handling or Shipping ANY Products!

"I learned the ins and outs of eBay TEN times faster than I would have without a mentor, including how to find drop shippers overseas, so I make money on products I never have to handle or ship myself!

My mentor's eBay and business knowledge were outstanding, and I learned things I probably NEVER would have figured out on my own.

He taught me how to work directly with manufacturers, and how to import products so I get maximum profits, and his energy and commitment to me were way beyond my expectations.

When I was stuck and losing momentum, he always sent me out of my coaching session with new ideas, motivation and energy...

... Now I'm really on my way!"

Greg Mudwilder

She Reached Prestigious Bronze-Level
"PowerSeller" Status in just 90 days!

"I qualified for Bronze level PowerSeller with my eBay store within just 90 days!

It is so exciting, and I would NOT have done this if it had not been for all of your help. Now it's onwards and upwards, as I strive to get my Silver level within the next 90 days!"

Jayne Pearce

Her Sales Started Increasing WEEKLY, After Just a Few Sessions!

"After just a couple of months and a few sessions, I saw INSTANT returns, and each week my sales increased!

My mentor’s professional marketing experience and business sense added fantastic value to my lessons. I got so pumped with my mentor’s upbeat, positive attitude, and am so excited about the potential of my eBay store.

Of all the Internet marketing courses I've taken, this is the best money I've ever spent!"

Lori St. Martin
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He's On Target to Make Over $100,000 in Sales on eBay This Year!

"The methods, tips, advice, and vast amount of knowledge you have managed to transfer into my head has helped me get my eBay store from ZERO to over $4,000 in sales in one month.

The eBay mentoring program took me from knowing absolutely nothing, to becoming an eBay PowerSeller within five months.

By applying what I have learned, this has ensured that my products SELL. Fifty percent of all my listings result in a sale the first time they are listed, and these are fixed price listings, not auctions, which are more difficult to sell.

And I have created everything myself, working part-time from my home office in London, UK.

I am now growing faster than ever, and expanding into new countries and territories as we speak. My target is to turn over $100,000 this year, and expect to achieve that very comfortably."

Mark Dobryniewski

This 67-Year-Old Couple Made Over $1,000 in Just One Month!

"Wow! We are excited to say we have made over a thousand dollars in a month with things lying around the house that we no longer needed or wanted!

Our mentor has shown us how to list our items on eBay to look professional... and that makes them sell FAST.

My wife and I are a 67-year-old couple that are learning how to become PowerSellers on eBay, and we shall reach our goal soon.

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks. If we can achieve that in such a short time, anyone can!"

Neal & Jeanne Vogel

He Expects to Earn Up to $60,000 in Profits Over the Next 12 Months!

"Previously, I made about 5 sales a day. Now I make 2,500 sales a month, earned my Gold PowerSeller status...

... and this year, I hope to make profits of around $30k-$60k!

The eBay mentoring program saved me TONS of time on trial and error, and cut my learning curve by 75%.

I now have friends coming to ask ME questions about how to sell on eBay!"

Phillip Rye

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